What is TC Login?
  • Using TC Login you gain access to your TC Desktop (your programs) from any computer with an internet connection.
  • If your computer is located in a network with direct connection to TC (most TC customers are), you can just login with your username and password.
  • If your computer is located on the internet, like your home or in a hotel, your user account needs to be connected to a RSA-token.
What do I need?
  • Citrix ICA Client
  • Username and password from TeleComputing
  • When connecting from the internet, an RSA token.
Software downloads
  • Download of Citrix client


  • Certificates
  • VPN client for Windows 95, 98, Millenium, 2000 and XP
  • VPN client for Windows Vista
  • Symantec Enterprise Vault Local Outlook Add-inn
  • Lync client
  • Trend Micro Anti-Virus
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    • I cannot log in!
      • Have you ordered access to the service?
        • You can order a RSA-token via the IT-contact in your company.
      • Are your logon credentials correct?
        • Contact TC support for verification
          • Norway: 66 77 65 77
          • Sweden: 020 22 29 20
          • Support LO (Norway): 66 77 46 41
      • Do you use the right PIN-code in the “Passcode” field?
        • This is your personal code which belongs to your username/RSA account. Append the 6 digits from the RSA-token to the PIN in the “Passcode” field.
      • Do you log on from an internet-cafè?
        • Usually, the Citrix ICA-client are not installed on public computers. In such circumstances you can use the ICA JAVA client. - User manual
    • I cannot open my TC Desktop after logon!
      • Do you have the Citrix ICA client installed?
    Requirements (technical)
    • Minimum recommendations when using the TC Login service:
      • Internet Explorer (for full functionality) or Firefox/Opera/Netscape (somewhat reduced functionality)
      • Minimum 30 kbit/s connection to internet/TC per user
      • With continuous RTT (RoundTripDelay) maximum 200 ms (No drops).
      • Firewalls must be open for traffic on http and https protocols. (Port 80 and 443)
      • If the communication drops more than 15 seconds the connection will usually be lost.
      • In the case of unstable communication the user interface will not respond when the communication drops.
      • The users browser must support 128bits SSL encryption.
      • The users browser must support ActiveX or Java.
      • We can not provide you with any guarantees when it comes to your local Internet access, this may result in difficulties accessing the service even if all the above requirements are met.